Unmanned Traffic Management


OneSKy UTM Framework

With back-end API's and an enterprise-ready web front end, OneSky's UTM framework joins UAS flight plans with safety-of-flight services.  Highlighted by an interactive 3D interface, users have the ability to submit flight plans representative of single-point volumes (point-flight) as well as more detailed waypoint-defined flight paths (path-flight) and are able to check their flights against an expanding set of flight-safety analytics such as GPS Health Prediction, Airspace Intersection & Proximity, Terrain Considerations, and more.


OneSky UTM supports realtime operation monitoring as well as analytical notification/alerting engines for enhanced situational awareness during flight.


Take a look at OneSky's UTM web portal capabilities overview.  Start submitting flight plans, exploring safety of flight analytics, and bring realtime monitoring to a whole new level!  


Discover The API

Developers & Integrators can take advantage of the UTM framework directly via our fully documented web API


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Quick-Start Resources

If you are needing to push the limits of the UTM server and require a developer API token, example scripts, or need assistance with anything, please contact us