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UAM Software

Urban Air Mobility (UAM) brings forward new concepts in aerospace with the goal of advancing urban transportation. The UAM community wants to operate routine flights in urban areas to deliver both people and cargo quickly and efficiently. This vision is met with challenges to better understand our four dimensional environment, and within this environment, predict the behavior of the systems which will track, navigate and control our UAM vehicles. The UAM goal is to eventually remove the pilot from the vehicle and enable computer automation to these transportation tasks. The automated systems will need to be well grounded in accurate data and analysis to ensure safety. Our OneSky software can help.

We offer a software platform to model vehicle and sensor behaviors in a system of systems environment. Users can ingest geospatial data including imagery, vertiports, terrain and buildings to investigate vehicle routing. The software can be used to develop performance models for your aircraft and simulate flight activity to include hardware in the loop (HWIL) interaction with your vehicle’s avionics and sensors. In addition, our software can model communications, navigation & surveillance infrastructure and predicted quality of service coverage along the vehicles path. Our UAM software is delivered in both desktop and web oriented architectures to support design, test and operational needs. Take a few minutes and experience our UAM software.


UAM airspace and flight path design

UAM airspace and flight path design

Communications, navigation and surveillance coverage prediction

Communications, navigation and surveillance coverage prediction

Develop a realistic 3D environment with accurate dynamic geometry modeling to understand how your system will perform. The following capabilities allow you to model most any type of system (RF, IR, Visual, etc.) and understand design considerations before testing to shorten the development timeline.

Understand your system…

  • Coordinate system and altitude reference modeling (WGS84, AGL, MSL)

  • Terrain analysis for obstacle clearance and radio frequency interference (RFI)

  • Geospatial data consumption (OGC compliant; such as KML, ArcGIS, WMS and 3D Tiles)

  • Create accurate fixed wing or VTOL aircraft performance models

  • Subsystem models for communications, navigation and surveillance equipment

  • Open system to securely integrate your proprietary algorithms and models

  • Simulate in real time or fast time

  • Report over 60,000 data metrics (Relative Angles, Relative Motion, Sunlight, etc.)

  • Parametric or Monte-Carlo studies to understand your trade space

  • Output videos and snapshots to demonstrate the concept of operations


Compare test data with compliance metrics

Compare test data with compliance metrics

Use models developed in your design phase to understand the test range and create test plans. Our software helps to increase test point density through the use of simulation. Compare the results from operational testing to verify your system compliance.

Test your system…

  • Import range assets (radar, optics, acoustics)

  • Model system constraints (gimble angles, aircraft obstructions, power thresholds)

  • Understand impacts from other vehicles (land, sea, air, space) during tets

  • Simulate radio frequency interference impacts

  • Integrate with hardware in the loop simulation to test before flying

  • Quick look capability

  • Create dynamic, post flight graphs and reports to to dramatically improve efficiency of the post flight analysis and anomaly resolution


Operate your system live or in simulation

Operate your system live or in simulation

OneSky’s UAS Traffic Management (UTM) system is a web based application that performs automated air traffic management for UAS. Our UTM software has been tested by NASA’s TCL4 UTM program. It offers situational awareness and real time alerts to UAM operators.

Operate your system…

  • Ingest flight plans, flight tracks and sensor data for simulated or live situational awareness

  • Create UAS operating corridors which estimate vehicle navigation error

  • Use our Supplemental Data Service Provider (SDSP) services to understand your environment

    • Terrain - convert between altitude reference systems, understand terrain obstructions

    • Population - obtain population density data globally to support safety case and risk analysis

    • Communications - understand link budget performance and interference issues with command and control systems

    • Navigation - obtain navigational performance metrics, including DOP and accuracy

    • Lighting - determine lighting situation along the route of flight

    • Routing - model your flight with more fidelity with aircraft flight performance models

    • Airspace - determine when your system will fly within an airspace region

    • Intervisibility - understand what your system can see with dozens of constraints, understand sensor behavior and performance

The Bottom Line

AGI software is used by over 700 organizations worldwide to solve the most difficult aerospace problems. We support over 50,000 users with our validated and verified software. We take pride in the quality of our analytics and are bringing this level of analytical rigor to the UAM domain. We’d love to help you get your UAM system off the ground. Please contact us today!