Supplemental Data Service Provider (SDSP)

UTM Service Suppliers (USS) and Ground Control Systems (GCS) rely on third party data to manage safe operations. Within the UTM architecture, the third party information is delivered by an SDSP. The SDSP increases knowledge of the operational area with data and analysis products delivered using web services. OneSky provides a robust collection of SDSPs that can be easily integrated into your system. Use our SDSP services to increase the level of fidelity and accuracy of your flight planning and operational software.

understand your operational environment



Receive alerts and warnings when your UAS is flying into restricted airspace



Understand the lighting conditions you will be flying in



Convert you MSL or WGS84 altitude to an AGL altitude. Understand terrain obstructions.



Obtain population density information for your route of flight.



Understand if you will have communications coverage to control your aircraft


Obtain weather information for your route of flight

Example Applications

The flexibility of web service architecture means our analytics can be built into applications such as custom Ground Control Station software or other commercial applications looking to enhance their analytical capabilities.  The simple RESTful interface means that our powerful cloud-based analytics can be embedded into solutions with just a few lines of code.  


DroneDeploy users are taking advantage of OneSky's GPS/NAV modeling capabilities with the OneSky GPS Forecast app available on DroneDeploy's App Market.  Download it today for iOS/Android to get a quick-look forecast for GPS conditions over the next hour from any flight plan.  Explore and understand how things like 'Number of Satellites' or 'Position Accuracy' may change and fluctuate in a given location.  This is just one example of how OneSky's analytical web services can be used by existing solutions and bring new safety-of-flight awareness to UAS pilots.


Start using OneSky SDSP services today!  You will have immediate access to all of the flight planning and safety analytics mentioned above.  Start exploring how OneSky can help take you further with increased flight plan safety analytics and enhanced situational awareness.

Developer Resources & Documentation

Take a look through the documentation to gain an understanding of what our API's offer and how they work!