Safety and Compliance

OneSky has the technology you need to ensure compliance with regulations and integrate safely into the manned airspace. Our technology allows you to consume airspace information, ingest live track data, integrate with the manned air traffic control system and provide alerts and warnings to your operators.



Unmanned Aircraft fly within existing constraints of most manned aircraft, but also have additional places they need to avoid.

  • Military Bases
  • National Landmarks
  • ATC Controlled Airspace

Our technology consumes this information and ensures you fly within regulated airspace.



Concerns for air to air collision require understanding of existing manned air traffic and awareness of unmanned traffic as well.

  • Cooperative traffic from ADS-B networks
  • Cooperative traffic from UTM providers
  • Uncooperative traffic from existing air traffic control radar
  • Uncooperative from locally supplied systems

Our technology consumes traffic and gives you another layer of safety to defend agains collisions.



Management of air traffic is a dynamic challenge and requires a flexible alerting system.

  • Precompute alerts on planned routes
  • Compute alerts in real time based on dynamic data updates
  • Predict events before they become a problem
  • Integrate alerts into existing system architectures and ground control systems

Our technology enables you to stay aware of dynamic obstacles as they arise and notify you directly to ensure timely response.