Systems Tool Kit / UAS

Designed for ultimate flexibility, STK will model your system and help solve problems never before possible without the multi-domain picture in perspective.

STK Highlights

  • Accurate Earth representation in space and time
  • Imagery, terrain, buildings, airspace and weather
  • Realistic flight performance models
  • Vehicle orientation, pointing and sensor fields of view
  • User-defined coordinate systems
  • Playback in real-time or past and future time
  • Analyze complex physical relationships between objects
  • Report and graph results
  • Create videos describing concepts of operation
  • Integrate into mission planning tools

Test & Evalulation Toolkit

Using STK as a framework, the Test and Evaluation Toolkit (TETK) presents a customized user experience for test planners and operational test management.

TETK Highlights

  • All the benefits of STK software
  • Digitizes the "test card" planning process
  • Simplifies modeling of C2, Radar, LIDAR and EO/IR
  • Test route assessment, increases test point density
  • Multi-constraint analysis
  • Supports range data links for real time visualization
    • Planned vs. Achieved
    • Rapid replanning
  • Post flight analysis and video overlay
  • Hardware in the loop integration

Cloud Based Analytical Services

Our analytical services help to increase efficiency, safety and optimize the drone operation. We are solving the difficult problems so you don't have to. Incorporate our services into your mission planning or operational workflow.

Available Analytical Services

  • Aircraft routing service creates realistic vehicle routes based on input waypoints and flight performance models
  • Terrain service for AGL determination, terrain masking and RF attenuation
  • Airspace service including Class airspace, SUAS, TFR and drone specific restricted areas. Determines airspace infringement times and locations.
  • Communications service to predict link budgets and interference across the link. Can be used to predict SatCOM, LTE or point to point links.
  • Navigation service determines Global Positioning System accuracy in terrain and urban environments.

UAV Traffic Management Server

The UAV Traffic Management (UTM) server is a cloud based platform for coordinating drone operations across multiple unique operators. Operators publish route data and real time position updates and receive dynamic alerts as issues arise in flight. See an example implementation HERE

UTM Server Highlights

  • Authenticates users based on existing OneSky account
  • Uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) for data transmission
  • Enables both point flight and path flight creation
  • Supports all available cloud based analytical services developed by OneSky and our partners for alerting
  • Protects intellectual property, such as regional terrain, building, airspace and aircraft route information
  • Integrated with the User Defined Operational Picture (UDOP) to provide situational awareness of the UTM operations.


User Defined Operational Picture

The User Defined Operational Picture (UDOP) allows operational environments to customize the look and feel of real time situational awareness systems. UDOP is built on a framework that allows for customization of geospatial layers fusing of live tracking services and integration of OneSky's analytical services. The UDOP enables faster decision making by visualizing and analyzing the most up to date information.

UDOP Highlights

  • Built on Cesium's web based visualization environment, supported by most modern web browsers for desktop and mobile use
  • Ingests GIS data from OGC standard formats and presents users with options for turning on and off layers of information
  • Fully customizable with "drag and drop" widgets to rapidly enable a specific visualization solution