Infrastructure Analysis

Imagine losing your cell phone and not having the ability to communicate. What about stepping out into an urban environment and walking the wrong way as your GPS attempts to update its position, only to be blocked by nearby buildings. OneSky has decades of experience understanding these situations and can predict when your drone will have the infrastructure it needs to operate beyond line of sight.



Drones use a variety of communications systems in many domains to provide command and control, payload data and tracking.

  • Ground based point to point
  • Ground based LTE
  • Airborne networks, such as Loon
  • Space based communications

Our technology models these systems and predicts communications coverage so you know when you'll be able to command the drone or download time critical data.



Drones use a variety of navigational systems to understand where they are in space and time.

  • Satellite-based navigation
  • Barometric pressure systems
  • Internal navigation systems

Our technology models these systems and provides you with predicted positional uncertainty along the route of flight.



New and existing surveillance systems bring the ability to monitor airspace for traffic.

  • Ground and space-based ADS-B networks
  • Air surveillance radar
  • Commercial systems such as acoustic or broadband radar

Our technology can show you where these surveillance systems have blind spots which may indicate places where it's not safe to fly.