Safety of Flight at a Glance


OneSky's back-end flight management engine allows submission and creation of simple flight volumes and more complex waypoint flights.  Once a flight is in the system, our analytics provide enhanced understanding of risks and help minimize uncertainty



Simple Flight Volumes

Single-Point Flight Volumes Representing The Area You Intend To Fly


Waypoint Flight Paths

Multi-Point Flight Paths Representing Autonomous Routes


A growing selection of analytics help enhance both your understand of the planned flight as well as the safety margin.  Understanding the impacts that terrain might have on visibility or the availability and solution quality you can expect from the GPS satellites during the flight helps to increase awareness and brings a new perspective to flight planning.


Terrain Analytics

Line-of-Sight Impact From a Pilot's Perspective


Urban Landscape

Urban Terrain Consideration


Airspace Analytics

Understand Airspace Volumes & Operation Restrictions


GPS/NAV Accuracy

Predicted Navigation Solution Quality


RealTime Monitoring

Supported Integration With Ground Control Platforms For Enhanced Situational Awareness


Development API

Developers & Integrators Can Directly Interface with the OneSky API


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