OneSky Analytics in DroneDeploy




OneSky's GPS Forecast app presents users with 1-hour-out predictions for the number of GPS satellites available in a flight's range and the level of accuracy (HDOP) those satellites will likely provide. 



OneSky's Altitude Profiler app displays a flight's predicted height above the ground throughout the planned route, helping pilots understand and adjust their "above ground-level" (AGL) altitude profile. 



OneSky's GPS Forecast app lets DroneDeploy users quickly understand the health and availability of GPS data prior to flying. The forecast is provided for 1 hour from the current time and predicts the maximum number of satellites that will be available and the Horizontal Dilution of Precision (HDOP) of the navigation solution provided by those satellites.





Once you have installed the OneSky GPS Forecast app from DroneDeploy's App Marketplace, click the OneSky app from any flight plan to reveal a 1-hour forecast of GPS availability & data quality for the flight.


What's IN THE APP?

Satellites Visible:  This graph will indicate how many satellites your receiver should be able to "see" in the sky from any position along the flight's route.

HDOP :  Given the number of available satellites and their positions relative to your receiver, the HDOP (Horizontal Dilution of Precision) will reveal how "accurate" the latitude and longitude positioning data is likely to be. Values under 1 are ideal, and values over 2 are not recommended for precision navigation. 

Our analytics are generated by continually updating and predicting the location of each satellite in the GNSS constellations (e.g., GPS, GLONASS, and GALILEO). Determining which satellites you can access involves accurately predicting the motion of all satellites relative to your receiver on Earth while accounting for other factors, such as minimum elevation angles and number of receiver channels.


OneSky's Altitude Profiler app provides insight to any flight plan's expected height above ground.  Flying relative to a takeoff location is quite common, but the reality of terrain changing below the aircraft can be modeled by OneSky analytics.  This helps pilots understand and anticipate what their "above ground level" (AGL) altitude profile will look like along a planned flight path. 




How Do I use the APP?

Once you have installed the OneSky Altitude Profiler app from DroneDeploy's App Marketplace, click the OneSky app from any flight plan to reveal a chart of the Above Ground Level (AGL) altitudes along the flight path.  


What's IN THE APP?

Terrain Profile:  The app's graph shows the expected altitude of the aircraft relative to the ground at any position along the flight plan. Since most consumer-level drones calculate and display the aircraft's altitude "relative" to where it took off (i.e., how far it has ascended from its original position), it is important to also be aware of the true altitude from the ground, as this may vary significantly along the flight's route and could be a hazard to the aircraft.

Our analytics are derived from high-resolution terrain data for the entire globe, and our Terrain Server product makes it possible to catalog & manage terrain data while providing an analytical API for querying terrain-related results, as seen in the app.


Interested in using our analytics for your own applications? We offer an API for integrators and developers.  Visit our Software as a Service site for more information or take a look at the API Documentation