Data Driven Products & Analytics

Browse some of the data sets and analytical capabilities that form part of the OneSky foundation.


Airspace Data

One of the ways OneSky fuses mission planning with enhanced decision support is the incorporation of national airspace data.  This data delivers knowledge of airspace restrictions and situational awareness to pilots.  This is available within our web based UTM system as well as through our development API.  Explore airspace data near you! 

  • Controlled Airspace  
  • Special Activity Airspace  
  • LAANC Maps  
  • Obstacles  
  • Airports (5 mi)  
  • Weather  
  • Hobbyist  
  • Part 107  

Terrain Data

OneSky Cesium AGI Terrain Server

Hi-Res Terrain Data

Streaming Hi-Res Terrain & Point Cloud Data!

Operating in a 3-Dimensional environment introduces the challenge of understanding the surrounding terrain and its impact on your planned mission.  OneSky streams hi-resolution terrain data to its users for enhanced understanding of planned missions.  This includes the ability to de-conflict routes based on terrain separation as well as the impact that terrain may have on communications and line-of-sight visibility from an operator's perspective.  Take a look around!


3D Buildings

OneSky AGI Cesium 3D Buildings

3D Buildings Explorer

Discover Streaming 3D Building Data!

Streaming buildings into the web-browser has never been easier!  Explore one of the most dense urban environments in the demo explorer, and be aware that you can interact with the buildings as well.  Clicking on individual items will retrieve associated data on that particular building, meaning that this data set is not only visual, but can be used for analytical purposes as well, making this a great technology for commercial UAS! 


OneSky AGI GPS Nav Accuracy HDOP

GPS Nav Analysis

Predicted GPS Quality/Availability

Predicting where every satellite is going to be is no easy task, but OneSky provides an easy to use web service to allow for high precision GPS accuracy predictions.  Try out the demonstrator and click points, routes, or even regions on the globe and see what the expected navigation accuracy might be in the near future!